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Volunteer Programme

From the age of 12, TASS offer a Stage 1 volunteering programme. Children using this option can play alongside and work with our TASS Stage 2 volunteers and coaches.

Why sign up for the volunteer programme?

  • To develop leadership skills
  • Improve confidence levels
  • Progression opportunities
  • To take more responsibility with games on camp

Teenagers enjoy a challenge, so here at TASS we channel their energy into structured sessions on camp, focusing on technique and positive competition. Teenagers develop confidence and life-skills such as teamwork, leadership, and co-operation, giving 12-14’s the opportunity to be active and socialise with friends!

By signing up to the Stage 1 or 2 programme your child will receive a t-shirt, workbook, and continual support from all TASS staff members. Not only can your child still take part in games with our older group, but they can also help support our younger groups on camp.

As part of the Stage 1 volunteering programme, we ask parents/guardians to pay a fee. However, when reaching Stage 2, volunteers will no longer have to pay and will be more involved in the coaching support and assistant side of camp.

If your child has a passion for sport then this is the perfect steppingstone, and pathway into becoming a Sports Coach.

At TA Sport Stars we have levels of progression.


Level 1 – Stage 1 volunteering programme for ages 12-14 years old (Cost: £14 per day)
Level 2 – Stage 2 volunteering programme for ages 15 years old (FREE).
Level 3 – TASS Sports Camp Assistant Coach (Paid Work)
Level 4 – TASS Sports Camp Lead Coach (Paid Work)
Level 5 – TASS Sport Camp Manager (Paid Work)