TA Sport Stars

Volunteering and Training Academy

When your child reaches the age of 13, they can either continue participating with our older age group on camp (11-14) or decide to join the TA Sport Stars Volunteer programme. In addition to all the brilliant benefits of camp, the Volunteer Programme allows teens the opportunity to get a little more out of their half term or summer. Working alongside our experienced camp coaches, Academy trainees will have the opportunity to gain coaching techniques and a variety of skills with a clear pathway to joining us as qualified coaches by the age of 16.
When they join the Volunteer programme, learners will be given a folder which consists of camp plans and games. The coaching folder will cover many areas, including safeguarding children; health and safety on camp; how to engage and be enthusiastic with children; techniques to maintain positive behaviour; how to plan a camp day; and delivery of sport and game activities. We understand this is new to volunteers, and we aim to always establish a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that supports and nurtures potential. Learning is made up of coach observations, feedback, planning, and delivery of games, with continual support from their Lead Camp coaches and Manager. The volunteer learners are recognised with light blue TA Sport Stars tops and a staff lanyard.


Academy option – £20 ‘one off cost’ (cover kit cost) £5 per day 
Standard volunteering – ‘One off cost’ £20 (cover kit cost) FREE daily attendance onwards
13-16 year olds