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Football Coaching

“Supporting young people and developing confidence”

Football is a way of life at TA Sport Stars, with football coaching sessions for boys and girls aged between 6 and 13 and Saturday programmes for youngsters from 3 to 8. We can provide expert coaching and encourage a real love of the game, as well as giving children the chance to keep fit and have fun.

TA Sport Stars Camp STAR Academy - 14 yrs upwards

When your child reaches the age of 14, teens can either continue participating with our teen camp or decide to join the TA Sport Stars Star Academy. In addition to all the brilliant benefits of the Teen Stars Programme, the Volunteer Academy allows teens the opportunity to get a little more out of their half term or summer. Working alongside our experienced camp coaches, academy learners will have the opportunity to learn coaching techniques and skills.

When they join the Star Academy, learners will be given a folder which consists of camp plans and games. The coaching folder will cover many areas, including safeguarding children, health and safety on camp, how to engage and be enthusiastic with children, techniques to deal with behaviour, how to plan a camp day, and delivery of sport and game activities. We understand this is new to children and we aim to allow a relaxed atmosphere. Learning is made up of coach observation, feedback, planning and delivery of games, with continual support from their Lead Camp coaches and manager. Star Academy learners are recognised with light blue TA Sport Star tops and staff lanyard.

When we feel the time is right and with support from the TA Sport Stars coaches, Star Academy learners will have the chance to lead sessions for younger children. With this it is the chance to plan, prepare and create a sporting activity to be enjoyed either by a group of children or the whole camp. This opportunity is aimed to help develop leadership skills and help recognise their own ability which in turn with improve confident skills. Through the Star Academy we have seen young people develop rapidly by taking on more responsibility. The skills they learn can help take participants to the next stages of school education and into their own careers. We are lucky that many of our Star Academy learners stay on to become an official TA Sport Stars Coach which is something we are incredibly proud to offer when they become 16.

TA Sport Stars Teen Stars Programme - 12 – 14 yrs

This is an opportunity for 12 – 14 year old’s to enjoy different sports, challenges and to meet new people when booking on to Sports Camp. The aim of this is to create fun, energetic and higher-level activities for older children. Delivered by our high-energy coaches with games which involve anything from Football to Capture the Flag. Just like the Multi-sport programme this is designed to develop the core skills necessary within an older age group with more advanced games.

“Never grow out of having fun on camp”